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Suggested Reading

Recommended Authors and Books

  • Aloff, Brenda
    • Canine Body Language
  • Donaldson, Jean
    • Mine!
    • Dogs Are From Neptune
  • Dunbar, Ian
  • Kalnajs, Sarah
    • The Language of Dogs (DVD set)
  • Killion, Jane
    • When Pigs Fly
  • MCConnell, Dr. Patricia
    • The Other End Of The Leash
    • anything
  • Miller, Pat
    • Power of Positive Dog Training
  • Pryor, Karen
    • Don't Shoot The Dog
  • Rugaas, Turid
    • Calming Signals
    • On Talking Terms With Dogs
  • Whole Dog Journal (Monthly Magazine - allows no advertsiting!  Great for their food reviews.)

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