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For more information about my services, click here or call 920.210.0764.   
  1. Behavior Consulting
    Behavior consulting is for dogs that require special training to modify an undesirable behavior. Consults are scheduled at your convenience and multiple sessions are usually needed. I create an individualized plan to fit your needs for the best results.
  2. Private Lessons
    Private lessons offer one-on-one training, focusing on what your dog's individual needs and are scheduled at your convenience. They are a great way for you and your dog to learn together!
  3. Bite Prevention Workshops
    I am a registered Dog Gone Safe presenter and am available for classroom presentations and workshops for a nominal fee. I love teaching people, especially children, how to interact safely around dogs.
  4. Shy and Reactive Dogs
    If your dog is very shy or overly reactive, I can help. My work with foster dogs and owned dogs have given me a lot of experience working with shy and reactive dogs.
  5. Pet Assessment
    Are you looking to add a pet to your family? Wondering what type of pet or what breed of dog would be a bet fit? Considering an older dog or a puppy? Contact me for advice and we can work together to find the best fit for your family. I an also accompany you while you meet a potential new family member.
  6. Pet SItting
    I offer limited Pet Sitting in the Beaver Dam area, such as potty breaks and personalized care for ill or elderly pets. In-home Pet Sitting allows your pet to remain in familiar surroundings while you are gone. $15 per 10 minute visit.
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